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10 июня, Киев — Lean/Kanban training by Jeff McKenna

Jeff McKenna is one of the founders of Agile methodology, trainer of the first Scrum team, Certified Scrum Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer by Scrum Alliance. This is unique and only event by Jeff McKenna outside the California, USA.

What will you get on this event?
Jeff will tell you a general information about: Lean/Kanban and ways of implementations it in IT; history of this philosophy and how it has found its application in the IT; you will learn how Toyota, Ford, Intel deal with Lean and much more.

For whom?
1. This event will be very useful for managers and other leads who is looking for different or more overall view on agile process management.
2. If you have some problems with implementation of Agile/Scrum and you are familiar with such questions: “Our needs and priorities changing on daily basis”, “We don’t use fixed-length, fixed-commitment iterations”, “We are spending too much time for planning and estimating”. If so, you should visit our Lean/Kanban training.

Participants should understand Scrum basics and Agile principles.

Main topics:
1. Introductions and Stage Setting
2. XP, Scrum and Lean
3. Exercise: The Name Game
4. Multitasking
5. Lean
6. Flow
7. Exercise: The Flow Game
8. Kanban
9. Value Streams
10.Exercise: Making Value Streams
11.Visualize Flow
12.Limit WIP
13.Measure Flow
14.Exercise: Making FlowDiagrams
15.Explicit Processes
16.Adoption Steps
18.Next Steps

Contacts: +38-050-473-71-76, +38-050-410-57-15, +38-93-372-93-28

After registration, the organizers will contact you to inform about the venue and details.

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