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18 февраля, Киев — APL annual introduction course

Danish IT Product company invites for annual practical programming course. Language: Dyalog APL.

To know more, please, www.tryapl.org

Participation — free of charge, but the number of participants limited with 20 places. On a competition basis.

Registration — obligatory till 8 February 2016.

Who will be interested in the course:

Students (BC, MS, PhD) & Specialists with technical background (Math, Computer Science, Physics, Cybernetics).

How to apply?

Send your CV and cover letter “Why are you interested in this course” at jobukr@simcorp.com
Personal laptop required.

As pleasant tradition best performers could be provided with the position at SimCorp Ukraine* (in case of relevant open position at the moment)!

*Year 2014 — 4 students helper (part time job), one year later they all were transferred to full time employee.
Year 2015 — 1 student helper (part time job), since Jan 2016 full time employee, 1 full time employee (graduating student 2014).

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