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25 — 27 марта, Киев — Garage48 IoT & Machine Learning

Garage48 has joined forces with Microsoft & Estonian Development Cooperation Fund to bring to you the FIRST Garage48 IoT & Machine Learning hackathon in Kyiv, Ukraine! Prepare yourself for 48 hours full of fun, coding, building, designing, selling and thinking BIG! So if you’re ready to disrupt the outdated technologies and build something crazy and innovative, then this is the event for you!

Why IoT?

Within the nearest future, there will be a continuously increasing number of items, that will be equipped with sensors. They will interact and collect data, then communicate this data through the internet with users and systems. The Internet of Things hackathon will help you realize your ideas to innovative technologies and infrastructure, that enable connected devices to communicate with eachother.

We expect 100+ people to work on crazy ideas with a target to have fun while doing it. Teams formed on spot aim to realize ideas presented on Friday evening in 48 hours and deliver working service or prototype by Sunday. The vibrant community energy, top-notch mentors and “no powerpoint” rule enables each team to reach the aim. We invite you to take advantage of this unique opportunity to be a part of the disruption that will play essential role in the digital IoT landscape of the future in Ukraine!

Every team will have access to the following items and gadgets:

(ps: be sure to take along any additional stuff you might need)

14x Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
15x Power supply 5В microUSB 1,2A
15x MicroSD Silicon Power 16GB Class 10 + adapter
6x Sensor kit 37 in 1 for Arduino
3x Wires (mother-mother) 40 ex.
3x Wires (mother-father) 40 ex.
3x Wires (father-father) 40 ex.
1x Netduino 2
1x Netduino Plus 2
4x Клон Arduino Leonardo
1x Arduino YUN
20x HDMI Cable 1.5M
20x USB cable 2.0 Am-Bm 1.8 m
8x Prototyping board micro
7x Prototyping board large
10x Wi-Fi Raspberry
10x ADC/DAC convertor PCF8591
3x ultrasonic distance sensor HC-SR04
4x IR sensor for Arduino
3×9 axis sensor MPU-9150
1x HX711 Dual weight sensor module
1x Alcohol sensor MQ303A
1x shock sensor 801S
3x RC522 RFID for Arduino
4x Servo TowerPro SG 5010
4x Servo SG90 2кг
1×3D Printer
1x Oscilloscope

What is Garage48 about?

Garage48 is a weekend long intensive development event to work out physical gadgets, new web and mobile applications to bring new startups into life. Are you an engineer, marketer, designer or a passionate visionary? If yes, join the ultimate start-up event in Kyiv! Garage48 event is a mixture of a hackathon and an exercise from a bootstrapper’s bible. With origins from Estonia & the Silicon Valley, Garage48 events evolved being the first of its kind events in rapidly developing tech countries: Ukraine, Latvia, Belarus, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya & elsewhere.

So, here we go — registration is open! All the talented back-end, front-end and mobile developers, engineers, designers, team leaders, visionary and marketers — grab your seat! The event will take place from the 25th to 27th of March, 2016 in Eurasia Business Centre

Screw it, let’s do it!

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