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How to Design Print Easter Eggs

Gather SuppliesCreate Pattern Easter Eggs Edited by Samera Thomas, Maluniu, Teresa, Gerard Plamenco and 3 others If the same old dyed Easter eggs are no longer cutting it, or if you want to add an element of sophistication to your holiday, design print eggs using cardboard template designs, an old nylon stocking and dye. Ad


Part 1 of 2: Gather Supplies

  1. Design Print Easter Eggs Step 1.jpg

    1 Purchase eggs. Make sure you purchase white, not brown eggs in order to obtain the right color and transfer the pattern.

    • Hard boil eggs and allow them to cool before dying. Consider boiling eggs earlier in the day and then allowing them to cool in the refrigerator before staring your project.
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  2. Design Print Easter Eggs Step 2.jpg

    2 Pick up food grade dye. Go for gel dye or commercial grade dye for a more vibrant egg.

  3. Design Print Easter Eggs Step 3.jpg

    3 Select cardboard or plastic templates. Designs can be made a variety of ways including using painter’s tape (to create a symmetrical design on the eggs), cut outs of leaves or flowers, removable stickers that don specific shapes or templates from nature.

  4. Design Print Easter Eggs Step 4.jpg

    4 Rummage around for an old nylon stocking. You will need to wrap each egg inside the stocking before it’s immersed in the dye. Make sure you have enough nylon for the number of eggs you plan to create (and that you don’t need the stocking anymore).

Part 2 of 2: Create Pattern Easter Eggs

  1. 1 Place templates on the egg. You will need to remove the templates following the dye process so make sure you affix the template so it stays in place but can be removed. Painter’s tape works well because it comes off easily but should remain in place until peeled away.
  2. Design Print Easter Eggs Step 6.jpg

    2 Wrap egg inside a piece of nylon stocking. Make sure you have a snug fit to hold the templates in place. Pull the stocking tightly and tie a small piece of string or thread to hold it in place.

  3. Design Print Easter Eggs Step 7.jpg

    3 Prepare egg dye according to package directions and then immerse the egg. Allow the egg to marinate in the dye according to directions and then remove and place on a wire rack to dry.

  4. Design Print Easter Eggs Step 8.jpg

    4 Allow for ample dry time before removing stocking and template. Even allowing the egg to dry overnight may not be enough time depending upon humidity levels and room temperature.

    • Consider placing eggs in the refrigerator overnight to dry.
      Design Print Easter Eggs Step 8Bullet1.jpg
  5. Design Print Easter Eggs Step 9.jpg

    5 Snip away nylon and remove templates to expose the final design. Even if the egg is completely dry, take care peeling away tape or templates so you don’t disturb or compromise the pattern.

  6. Design Print Easter Eggs Step 10.jpg

    6 Put them in a basket and hide them for a Easter Egg hunt! Ad


  • Recycle nylon stockings by washing in mild soap to remove dye and allowing them to dry before another use.
  • Use as a centerpiece for a table display.
  • Create patterns on faux eggs using the same method (but you can possibly tape the template to the egg because it won’t be as delicate).


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