You need Eclipse SDK 3.3(or higher) to enjoy this software.

1. Help > Software Updates > Find and Install…
2. Choose Search for new features to install
3. Click New Remote Site…, and then put for the URL field.
4. Choose SFTP Plug-in, and then click Select Required button.

For Eclipse SDK 3.2, try the Update Site

The current version has the following features.

* SFTP client (plug-in: com.jcraft.eclipse.sftp).
* SFTP cliet is using Eclipse’s internal SSH client,JSch.
* SFTP Team provider (plug-in:,
o importing a remote directory into the workspace as a project by sftp.
o exporting a folder to a remote directory by sftp.
o synchronizing with the remote directory by sftp.
* password, public-key and keyboard-interactive authentications.
* HTTP and SOCKS5 proxies.
* key pair generation.
* host-key management.
* The code is based on WebDAV and FTP support for Eclipse.
* Plug-ins will work on Eclipse Platform 3.3 and later.
* Plug-ins are licensed under the terms and conditions of EPL 1.0.

SFTP plugin for Eclipse

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